Work In Progress


Libellula - An innovative glass neckpiece created through digital manipulation of natural patterns.

Thin silver cages designed using parametric 3D modelling, frame handmade cast glass elements, in this original collier characterized by interesting material contrasts.

The necklace is made of three separate cast glass pieces, one in the center and two smaller ones on the sides. Silver cages encase the glass pieces and connect them through specifically designed hinges. The necklace can be opened by rotating the side pieces - it is easy to wear and fits comfortably around the neck.


faceted bracelet render.21.jpg

Who Me? playful table lamps with interchangeable glass bulbs

A set of table lamps who seem to be observing the user with a big, curious glass eye.

Hollow ceramic stems support blown glass bulbs, lit by a battery-powered LED ring. A metal ring lines the bottom edge of the glass bulbs, hiding a small magnet through which the bulbs can be attached to the stems and easily removed.

The glass bulbs are easy to remove and replace. They are available in many different colours and surface finishes. and can also be used separately from the lamps as decorative magnets.

who me.jpg


Tulip - Set of stackable glass bowls and vessels. A simple way of customizing the domestic environment.

Three different elements that can be used individually or assembled in various ways, creating a total of six different combinations.
By offering the user the possibility of playing around with the elements, exploring different forms and colour combinations, this range becomes a means of personalization of the domestic environment.



Qubo is a modular shelving system of glowing cubic units - wooden blocks frame colorful stained glass panels and are lit from the inside by LED strips. They can be used individually or combined with others to create personalized shelves, and can be easily connected one to the other thanks to specifically designed connectors. The cubes can also be used as decorative table lamps.


Following up from the Bloom bracelet collection, here is an idea for another cast cuff bracelet, with a faceted pattern (created experimenting with the Delaunay triangulation algorithm on Grasshopper). Digital aesthetics play a major role again in the design of this piece - in the render the bracelet is represented with a silver frame that enhances the edges, highlighting the triangular mesh pattern. Experiments with silver plating and metal sintering directly around glass pieces will be carried out for the creation of this piece.

faceted bracelet.jpg